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DbD: 176: Oleg by DisneyPhantomlover DbD: 176: Oleg by DisneyPhantomlover
Alrighty.... I am slowly catching up to these. However, my tablet has been bratty lately. 6_6 I think it's still under warranty though, so maybe I'll get it replaced.

Anyways, here is another chara that Ms. ~Phantombob and I have in our stories: Oleg. Yes, he is a humanized Observant from the Danny Phantom world. However, he is completely and totally evil.

Age: Not entirely sure, but it's likely he died in the mid 1700's during the French and Indian War. So at least 250 years old.

Personality: It's a little difficult to explain his exact personality since he has a face for everyone. He can be kind and generous to some, yet cruel and merciless to others. But when it gets down to it, he's a bitter and spiteful man. He absolutely despises how the Observants have adopted the whole "Watch and Never Act" motto, and yet can control Time to a limited degree and can Erase whole worlds and timelines if they wish. (explained in Powers) He is a fantastic actor and very charismatic, fooling many people into trusting him easily. He does seem to genuinely care and worry for his adopted daughter, Rose, but nothing else. He plans to use his own personal armies of ghosts, vampires, werewolves, Hunters, and other supernatural creatures to overtake the Observants and, in essence, control the universe. Sounds cliché, but unlike bad cartoon shows, he truly has been building this up for the better part of 300 years. His patience is about as good as Clockwork's really. 6__6;;

Powers: Along with standard ghost powers, he does have powers of an Observant. He can see forward and back in time, to a limited degree. He is also Unobservable, meaning that no other Observant or Clockwork can look in on him if they see him in a vision of the past of future. All that comes up to them is a black smudge. He can also Erase. This is an exclusive power for Observants, if not the sole reason that they're the governing force in the Ghost Zone. They basically Observe a certain time or people, and if they determine something as "Unimportant", they can Erase them. Erase their complete existence and anyone's memory of them. This wouldn't work on someone or something that does have influence, so they can't go back in time and kill Hitler or prevent the Titanic disaster, because that would interfere with the Balance of the World and Time in general.

Also, I should mention this. In the Ghost Zone, and among ghosts in general, one of the greatest taboos is to kill. Ghosts literally Feed on strong emotions, like fear, happiness, and anger, and also on strong memories. This is why people usually find ghosts at areas like churches and landmarks, but also in average houses where something extreme happened. So ghosts may accidentally scare people to death or Feed too much, but they refuse to physically kill someone. This is why everyone fears Phantom, because he broke that taboo. Add that to Oleg being an Observant, and all hell's pretty much breaking loose.

And for those curious about the name, it was based off an actor who played Professor Moriarty in a Soviet Union-based TV series of Sherlock Holmes. And yes, Moriarty was a giant inspiration for this chara.

Hope you enjoyed this, and if you have questions or what not, feel free to comment.
BeJuled Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Very nice cape and helmet he's got there~ 83 And cool reasoning behind the Observant ways. :)
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